Email for Submissions. Please include artwork and short description of music or video. If it is not provided music will not be posted.


Due to the high number of submissions we receive we can not guarantee a placement. We will try to listen to every song but A guaranteed placement will be available with a $25 payment. Which lncludes a post and featured artist spot (top of page)  for 24hrs. $35 will get your song featured & in the top Slider for 72hrs. Both packages include social network promo on IG & Twitter & a YouTube LINK. We will try to listen to all submissions but there’s no guaranteed placement. Thanks – FlyTunez

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    Please take Down the song young niggaz on By Rae Sremmurd. This song is not supposed to be leaked. Plus this is not the right version! Thank You.

    • flytunez

      Wtf are u?

  • flytunez

    Who u supposed to be?